Septemberfest Nicosia Beer Festival 2018

28 August – 3 September


The 8th Septemberfest Nicosia Beer Fun Festival, the largest Festival occurring in Cyprus over the past years. The 7 day festival took place between 28th August – 3th September, under the auspices of Aglantzia municipality and was supported by the youth boards of various municipalities.

This year’s festival was visited by more than 60000 people who had the chance to try over 100 different local and international beer brands, accompanied by a great variety of food.
Acclaimed singers of Greek and foreign repertoire entertained the visitors nightly with a variety of musical styles, from Greek traditional and popular music to English rock.

Special thanks to
Our sponsors > Pringles, Athienitis Supermarkets and Pegasos Refrigerators.
Our Supporters > Toolwarehouse, Sapo and Top Kinisis.

We look forward to seeing you next summer on the 9th Septemberfest Nicosia Beer Fun Festival!