About Display Art Group

Since its inception in 1982, Display Art has been at the forefront of providing leading edge, high quality, customised exhibition construction services to suit the most varied of business image and display communications needs. In the same year the company was established, Display Art became a member and licensee of SYMA Intercontinental, one of the world’s leading exhibition system providers with a global network of subsidiaries and licensees.

In 1984 Display Art continued on a positive robust pace to evolve and augment its business vision by adding Shop Fitting & Accessories to its operational portfolio, specifically representing Gibam Shops, the leading provider of shop fitting systems in Italy.

As early as 2001, the company’s business expansion strategy witnessed further activity and success — Display Art went Public and became a full member of the Cyprus Stock Exchange Market and shortly thereafter, fully acquired exhibition construction companies D&M Décor Ltd and P.A Interexpo Ltd. As both companies combined held second and third market positions respectively in their industry, this acquisition enabled Display Art to achieve overall Cyprus market leadership.

In the same year, Display Art continued its acquisition strategy by acquiring A. Karamallakis & Sons – providers of signage and digital printing services in the Cyprus market. The company also established Display Art Deutschland GmbH, a progressive move designed to enable Display Art to penetrate the German and European exhibition construction marketplace and to better serve its existing and growing customer base from Cyprus and Greece.

Satisfied customers across Europe, serviced by 15 vehicles.

SqM of production facilities, offices, showrooms and warehouses.

SqM of shell scheme material in stock, with unlimited supply capability.

SqM of stands and displays that we can build to requirement.

Our Mission

Display Art’s progressive strategies and vision are an integral part of its overall corporate structure characterised by creativity, innovation, integrity, professionalism, and unparalleled customer service to produce winning solutions designed to set its customers’ businesses apart from the competition.

Display Art’s team of experts work closely with its clients to understand their business needs and objectives, from concept, consultation and master planning to project logistics, detailed design, site research and full-scale pre and post-project implementation, to ensure each client’s business is promoted and positioned for optimum world class results.

The company knows that each project is unique and requires specialised multi-disciplinary skills and treatment, expertise and international support. Its’ knowledge base, experience and global network of partners enables the company to efficiently deliver projects of varying complexities to a wide range of vertical markets – from small to large-scale shop-fitting projects, exhibition/event management services, graphic design services for signage and display boarding, and multimedia development for industries such as telecommunications, utilities, transport, manufacturing, retail and construction to name a few.