Ideal Home Exhibition 2018

5 – 7 October 2018

The specialized exhibition IDEAL HOME 2018 organized by Display Art and presented by Bank of Cyprus for the 3rd consecutive year was a great success, which surpassed all the expectations and goals we set as the organizers of the exhibition.

The 70+ exhibitors who participated in the exhibition were fully satisfied with the interest of the visitors and expressed their best comments on the whole event. The research contacted by the organizers also proves the aforesaid, quite impressive that 99% of the exhibitors participating in the survey have marked “Very satisfied” with their participation at Ideal Home Exhibition.

The visitor’s increasing interest and the exhibitor’s satisfaction with the excellent services of Display Art ensures that the exhibition will be going stronger and expanding in 2019. Display Art sets an even higher target to attract even more exhibitors and a broader range of products and services to be offered at future exhibitions.