From small portable displays to furniture and shelving for large exhibition booths and showrooms, Display Art offers a full spectrum of attractive, practical and modern exhibition furniture including stools, chairs, cupboards, tables, glass showcases, office desks, as well as fittings, fixtures and floor coverings to enhance your tradeshow environment and comfortably welcome your visitors at the event.

Floor coverings include but are not limited to: Heuga carpet tiles, Tabitel carpet rolls, vinyl flooring, parquet wooden floors, raised floors and floor graphics.

Technical design & installation of electrical equipment

A critical component supporting the overall success of your showcase, Display Art exhibition services includes full technical design and installation capabilities for all your electrical requirements.

Let our team of experts bring your tradeshow space to life! Choose from a full range of:

  • Modern space lighting and dimming systems
  • High-tech exhibition lighting
  • Electrical fittings, riggings and support structures
  • Electric appliances

Audio Visual Equipment Hire

Incorporating the latest in audio-visual technology and multimedia stands, Display Art is unlimited in its ability to provide the widest range of multimedia production solutions to enable you to engage and interact with your target audience.

Take advantage of our turnkey equipment rental services for added convenience and right-fit standards compliance requirements. Whether your requirement is to entertain your customers or bring your exhibition stand alive, our audio-visual services can enable you to communicate the right message at the right time with the optimum impact.

We can provide the following AV equipment:

  • Plasma TVs 50″ and 42″
  • Projector Screens latest technology
  • Multiple screen combinations
  • TVs and video DVD players
  • Surround systems for the outmost of sound quality
  • Theatrical lighting

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